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“I was a sceptic. I thought this would be another crack and pop painful chiro treatment but boy was I wrong. Dr.Beshcoy is a “god-send”. I call him my Yoda and healing hands. He truly works on the mind-body-soul. If you feel that something in your body is telling you to get give some attention too, I highly recommend him. Totally am a believer in the power of healing thru just one visit. Trust me, you too will make a beeline to see him every week for the rest of your life. A true gem and he has healed me and my husband from things we did not know could be healed.”
– Jenny H. / Irvine, Ca.

“Those who have received Dr. Beshqoy’s treatments understand the effective physical relief they bring; however, the same people who know the above, also know that his treatments bring an overwhelming sense of well-being emotionally because he focuses on both areas! He’s succeeded in allowing me to see the toxic affects that emotional stress has on a human body physically; this realization has given me some profound tools to handle this stress the right way, the right way. Thank you Dr. Beshqoy”
– C.H. / Irvine, Ca.

“This review has been a long time coming. After being in a roll over car accident in October. My boyfriend and I went to see Dr. Beshqoy. Absolutely the best decision made. Never having seen a chiropractor before we both were a bit skeptical. Silly us, Dr. Beshqoy is so honest, caring and truly explains everything. I am all for not taking pills and being in tune with my body. Fixing problems instead of masking them. Boy oh boy, am I so thankful. Every visit was never painful or uncomfortable and so relaxing, almost euphoric. I truly can’t wait to get back in to see him. It’s been month’s now and I haven’t felt better! ”
– Jessica M. / Lake Forest, Ca.

“UNREAL TREATMENT! Unlike my previous chiropractors where they’d simply do a 5 min hands-on adjustment and my back wouldn’t really heal, Dr. Beshqoy has really improved the damage and I’m no longer taking any more meds! Do yourself a favor and have ONE treatment and feel the difference in treatment and service from the chiropractor.”
– Cynthia R./ Tustin, Ca.

“My family has been seeing Dr.Beshqoy for over a year now. He’s smart, experienced and friendly. Takes clients by appointments and has a flexible schedule with evenings and weekends.”
– Anna I./ Orange County, Ca.

“I go to Dr. Beshqoy I have known him for about 15 years and he is the only person I trust with my back and neck. He not only does adjustments he does acupressure, but he also has an excellent bedside manner and his staff is great. I can always rely on him to make me feel better. He not only treats his patients he treats the staff as well.
– Laticia V./ Placentia, Ca.

“Dr. Beshqoy is more than a Chiropractor. I’ve had a sciatica nerve pain running from the lower back down my right leg for six months. He feels your pain and knows immediately what meridians need release. He also consults you on his thoughts for letting go negativity and how it affects your body. In addition to my daily yoga practice, I have incorporated a weekly office visit. If your body needs a tune-up, check it out. Dr. Beshqoy will have sincere advice to achieve harmony and balance.”
– Vicky O./ Fountain Valley, Ca.

“I was suffering from depression and anxiety and was told chiropractic care would help. I was told to see Dr. Beshqoy in Tustin, California as he has helped people with anxiety and depression. I have been seeing Dr. Beshqoy for the last 4 months and I must say I am a different person from the first day I started treatment. I am feeling much better, anxiety is gone and depression is soo much better. He is a very caring doctor and will make you feel at ease.”
– Patrick S./ Lake Forest, Ca.

“Hands down the best chiropractor in So-cal. I been an athlete all my life and have had injuries in the process. Dr. Beshqoy is the only chiropractor I trust to help me get back up and running. Dr. Beshqoy spends the time necessary to identify your issue and discusses a plan to help. I have had serious lower back pain and with Dr. Beshqoy guidance he was able to cure me of all back pain. Dr. Beshqoy is an amazing doctor and a great person. His way of with people is awesome, a fun guy that puts his patients at ease. ”
– Mark C./ Costa Mesa, Ca.

“I have had good experiences with chiropractic medicine but Dr. Beshqoy takes it to another level. He combines chiropractic therapy with eastern practices that allow the body to heal itself. He is very knowledgeable in meridians of the body that when closed, due to stress or worry, can create pain and other health problems. Dr. Beshqoy is patient and asked me questions that he used to give me the treatment that was right for me. I am a long-distance runner and in good health and truly believe that Dr. Beshqoy helps me to stay that way and enjoy a good quality of life.”
– Irene O./ Irvine, Ca.

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